Vasily Klyukin , Special Project

9 - 30 September 2020

Simon Lee Gallery presents a special project in collaboration with Vasily Klyukin. Throughout his practice, which spans architecture, design, literature and sculpture, Klyukin has sought to eternalise the intangible. The Russian-born, Monaco-based artist is concerned with humanity and the natural world: patterns and systems found within nature, as well as human emotion and memory.

Inspired by the four elements: water, air, earth and fire, as well as complex mathematical formulas and geographic coordinates, Klyukin utilises his three-dimensional practice to decipher the abstract. Crypto, a series of engulfing wall-mounted discs, takes as its starting point numerical data. 

In creating these multi-layered, terrain-like forms, the artist manipulates figures and numbers; each disk’s diameter, structure and ridged surface born from his calculations. Once the disks have been modelled, their grooves and ridges set, Klyukin begins to add paint in a process that can best be described as impulsive and revelatory. As the viewer observes, interacts with (and thus, activates) the work, it is the artist’s hope that the emotion behind his cathartic application of paint is shared and experienced.

What unites Klyukin’s multi-faceted practice is his deep fascination in the human experience, and the world which we inhabit.