Mauvaises Herbes: Sarah Crowner, Caitlin Keogh, Paulina Olowska

Hong Kong  28 April - 27 May 2017
“If you glance through your botanical books, you will see often addedtocertain names –‘a troublesome weed’. It is not its being venomous, or ugly, but its being impertinent –thrusting itself where it has no business, and hinders other people’s business –that makes a weed of it.” John Ruskin, Proserpina. Studies of Wayside Flowers, 1875-1886, p.109 Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present an exhibition of new work by three artists whose links of friendship and common interest contrast sharply with their widely divergent approaches to painting, strategies of image making and the relation of narrative content in their work to the field of abstraction and figuration. For Sarah Crowner, the process of making paintings and stitched canvases is one of figuring and unfiguring. Painted forms, more saturated in colour than those seen in previous bodies of work, refer to and represent botanical specimens, especially sea grasses, kelp, pods...
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