1,000 Islands

Hong Kong  13 November - 21 December 2015
Simon Lee Gallery Hong Kong is pleased to present 1,000 Islands, a group exhibition organized by Franklin Melendez that explores notions of contemporary ecosystems. An ‘ecosystem’ is more or less a set of collaborative entanglements suspended in perfect symbiotic harmony. Or, at least that’s the version of the story exported by the English biologist, Charles Darwin, when he stumbled upon a lively flock of mutable finches in an archipelago off the coast of Ecuador (this was sometime around 1835). Each beak was so finely calibrated to its purpose, the instrument so specialized to its habitus as to provide a blueprint for the destiny of all flora and fauna. It might be tempting to view the artists in this exhibition as imagining the next stage in this grand tale of adaptation, where organic matter intersects with synthetic form. This could be the juncture where Doctor Darwin meets Professor X, telepathically communing...
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