Valerie Snobeck: Reservoirs

Hong Kong  13 January - 13 February 2016
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present for the first time in Asia, an exhibition of new works by New York-based artist Valerie Snobeck. They are used plastic reservoirs; stained with wiper fluid, burnt by the engine, patterned with dust, grease, the traces of speed. Their shape and volume engineered to fit perfectly into the voids of the machine’s most essential components. The fluid washes away parts of the environment that have accrued with movement. They are mold-formed blown glass. Sculpted with exhalation. Breathed into the atmosphere, captured by oceans and plants, consumed and eventually pushed into the inner voids of the mold. At once industrial and organic, they remind us of the impossibility of such segregation. The once duplicitous has become whole. As the engine bleeds into the atmosphere, as the plastic vessel remolds itself into particles of the air, the reservoirs transfer resemblance of...
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