George Condo

London  7 February - 21 April 2007
07 February - 21 April 2007 Following a controversial reception of the Dreams and Nightmare of the Queen, currently on display in the Wrong Gallery at Tate Modern, George Condo has delivered a new body of work that includes painting and sculpture for his forthcoming exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery. The hybridizing nature of his portraits takes a fascinating turn in these latest works. The artist fuses cartoon figures, human forms and ‘’antipodal beings’’ into a state of metamorphosis, where each of these figures simultaneously reflect a plethora of emotions and gestures, such as, wonder, chaos, deceit, a scream and a laugh within a single expression. Art Historian Donald Kuspit once described Condo’s composite portraits as “metaphysical mannequins”, and works in this exhibition such as Deconstructed Female Portrait, The Smiling Sea Captain and The Actor fit perfectly into this description. The nude is once again in full frontal exposure as...
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