Sherrie Levine

London  20 June - 20 August 2007
20 June – 17 August 2007 Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to present an exhibition of selected works by Sherrie Levine. The exhibition is a survey of some of Levine’s most significant explorations of the re-contextualization and re-working of the found object, and her questioning of the authenticity and autonomy of the art object and it’s status as a commodity. Beginning in the early 1970s with ‘Shoes’ (1972), and continuing through the 1980s and 1990s to the present with ‘Untitled (After Walker Evans)’ (1981), ‘Untitled (Lead Checks/Lead Chevron: 4) (1988), ‘Untitled (The Bachelors: Livreur de Grand Magasin’ (1989), ‘Fountain (After Marcel Duchamp)’ (1991), ‘Black Newborn’ (1995) and ‘Steer Skull, unhorned’ (2002) amongst others,, the exhibition encompasses Levine’s deconstruction and reconstruction of the very nature of representation. Levine’s artworks can only survive in the world of art. Although she dislikes the term ‘appropriation‘ and what that implies for an artist, Levine...
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