Toby Ziegler

The Liberals
London  15 October - 23 November 2008
Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present its second solo show by British artist Toby Ziegler. The artist's work confronts art historical models in a digital age, and relishes the fallibility and serendipity inherent to the act of making, vis-à-vis it’s computer generated origins. Ziegler exhibits three sculptures, which refer to historical man made effigies, and three new paintings, his first to depict human figures. Entering the gallery the viewer is forced to walk between two vast sentinels constructed from cardboard and gesso; The Liberals are reminiscent of lumpen Victorian pottery dogs but stand around three meters in height. The original Staffordshire pottery dogs, inspired by Oriental lion dogs were produced from the 1720’s, but they proliferated in the nineteenth century and exemplify Victoriana. A second sculpture is titled Victoria. This large, black slug-like form takes inspiration from statues of the monarch that lurk in British town centres, but have...
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