Jim Shaw

The Whole: A Study In Oist Integrated Movement
London  13 February - 13 March 2009
13 February – 28 March 2009 Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce its forthcoming exhibition of new work by the LA-based artist Jim Shaw. His layered practice combines disparate aspects of contemporary culture; references range from American entertainment to the art historical. This includes zombie cartoons, 1950s hoover adverts as well as Abstract Expressionist paintings and the surrealist work of Max Ernst, to name but a few. Since the early 1970’s the work of Jim Shaw has emerged in cycles, many of which are still ongoing. One project, entitled My Mirage chronicles the personal and spiritual journey of Billy, Shaw’s fictional teenager and alter-ego from the 1950s. The series consist of over 100 drawings by Billy, which record his state of mind as he rejects suburban life and experiments with hallucinogens and rock music before finding refuge as a born again Christian. Oism, one of Shaw’s most enduring projects...
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