Sherrie Levine

London  29 May - 29 July 2009
29th May – 31 July 2009 “I consider myself a still-life artist, with the bookplate as my subject. I want to make pictures that maintain their reference to the bookplates. And I want my pictures to have a material presence that is as interesting as, but quite different from, the originals.” Sherrie Levine. For her exhibition at Simon Lee Gallery, Levine presents new works that continue to re-contextualize the found object, using repetition, seriality and literalization to challenge ideas of originality, authorship and the autonomy of the art object. In framing postcards of fragments of forests in Aspen, and a very specific selection of poems from Baudelaire’s formative modernist volume Les Fleurs du Mal, and juxtaposing these with gilded bronze sculptures of Indian household deities, a double-headed creature, a cradle and a rocking horse, she creates still lives, introducing a moment, a gap in which the essence of these objects...
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