Frieze London 2022

12 - 16 October 2022
For Frieze London 2022, Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce a presentation of new works by Alex Hubbard, A’Driane Nieves, Chibuike Uzoma and Clare Woods.

For Frieze London 2022, Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce a presentation of new works by Alex Hubbard, A’Driane Nieves, Chibuike Uzoma and Clare Woods.

Alex Hubbard (b. 1975 Oregon, US) is a Los Angeles-based artist whose work encompasses video art and painting, exploring the boundaries of each via a cross-examination that invigorates both media in new and inventive ways. Constructed along parallel lines, his videos explore composition, mass, colour and depth of images in unexpected ways. As a counterpoint to the videos, Hubbard’s paintings often suggest a mechanical means of production. Fields of colour in fibreglass and resin are interrupted with richly pooled, dripped and poured paint. Working with fast- drying materials, such as epoxy and latex, the artist is forced to act quickly, embracing chance happenings and revelling in the autonomy of his chosen media. Such anti-hierarchical materials and techniques provide a corollary to the DIY aesthetic of the video works. And through this deconstruction every traditional opposition of the formal language of painting is opened up: figure and ground, material and illusionistic depth, the horizontality of production and the verticality of display.

A’Driane Nieves (b. 1982 Texas, US) is an award-winning artist, activist, speaker, U.S. Air Force veteran and mental health advocate. Her work focuses on the impact of trauma - inherited, historical and personal - seeking to expose how it shapes, alters and redefines identity over the course of our lives. Through abstract forms and composition, she gives visible shape to the internal biological and emotional processes of adaptation, recovery, and transformation.

Chibuike Uzoma (b. 1992 Port Harcourt, Nigeria) is a multidisciplinary artist working across painting, photography, drawing, text and video. Uzoma’s KINDER PAINTINGS, an ongoing series initiated in 2019, aim to avoid linear narratives, instead offering up compositions that are limitless in their potential for interpretation and regeneration. By means of explaining the disparate nature of these works, Uzoma shares a proverb circulated by elders: ‘wherever something stands, something else will stand beside it.’


The paintings of Clare Woods RA (b. 1972 Southampton, UK) are essentially concerned with sculpting an image in paint and expressing the peculiarities of an object. Originally trained as a sculptor, much of Woods’ work is an exploration of physical form. This understanding of sculptural language and a preoccupation with forms in space, translated into two-dimensional images, underpins her pictorial practice. In much of her previous work, Woods’ concern with landscape has been paramount, but these new paintings draw inspiration from found objects: books, the internet, photographic records of work by other artists and press photographs, especially those shot in black and white.

Alongside the fair Simon Lee Gallery will present Just for the Record, Sonia Boyce’s inaugural solo exhibition at the Gallery and Binge, a solo exhibition of new works by Kristy M Chan presented in collaboration with The Artist Room.


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