The Armory Show 2020

4 - 8 March 2020
The Armory Show 2020

On the occasion of The Armory Show 2020, Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to present a range of works by gallery artists, including Angela Bulloch, Dexter Dalwood, Alex Hubbard, Chris Huen Sin Kan, France-Lise McGurn, Paulina Olowska, Josephine Pryde, Garth Weiser, and Clare Woods, amongst others. 

Installation Views
Image: Platform: Brutal Truths

Platform: Brutal Truths

Marnie Weber will participate in Platform, the curated section of the fair staging large-scale artworks and installations across Piers 90 and 94. Weber will present two sculptures, Log Lady & Dirt Bunny (2009) and Pig Host sculpture (2009), both of which feature animal-human hybrids that probe the darker sides of human behavior.

Marnie Weber has explored the realms of the grotesque, carnivalesque, and absurd in narrative sculptural tableau, paintings, collage, and performance since the 1990s. Creating fantastical landscapes, her work references mythological traditions while simultaneously taking up topical themes such as gender, family dynamics, and access to power, through such archetypes as the witch, the clown, and animals.

Location: Champagne Lounge, Pier 94