Simon Lee

Hong Kong

Georg Karl Pfahler

Hong Kong,  5 November 2021 - 8 January 2022

Angela Bulloch: Rainbow Unicorn Rhombus

London,  19 November 2021 - 15 January 2022

Mel Bochner

Pop-Up Exhibition, Blanc International Contemporary Art Space, Beijing
29 November 2021 - 23 January 2022
Image: Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s – Now

Life Between Islands: Caribbean-British Art 1950s – Now

Sonia Boyce
Tate Britain, London
1 December 2021 – 3 April 2022

This exhibition will explore work by artists from the Caribbean who made their home in Britain, alongside other British artists who have also made work addressing Caribbean themes and heritage. It celebrates how people from the Caribbean have forged new communities and identities in post-war Britain – and in doing so have transformed British culture and society.

Image: Last Lecture Show

Last Lecture Show

Werner Büttner
Hamburger Kunsthalle, Hamburg
15 October 2021 - 16 January 2022

The Hamburger Kunsthalle is honouring Werner Büttner (*1954) with a solo exhibition on the occasion of his retirement, after more than thirty years of teaching painting at the Hamburg University of Fine Arts, and is showing around 100 of his oil paintings and collages from the early 1980s to the immediate present. As a painterly analyst and with a crisp sense of humour, Büttner comments on human activity and existence in his art, without regard for taboos. His paintings along with their titles present the contradictions inherent in attempts at reaching social consensus; they hint at the political incorrectness of the 1980s and disarm any fighter for an ideal world. The Last Lecture Show presents Büttner’s eloquent flood of images in pointed exhibition sections.

Image: Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

Post-Capital: Art and the Economics of the Digital Age

Josephine Pryde
mudam, Luxembourg
2 October 2021 – 16 January 2022

Post-Capital brings together works of sculpture, painting, photography, video and performance that address the nature of production, consumption and wealth. The exhibition takes as its starting point the inherent paradox within a capitalist system that is both dependent upon and threatened by technological progress.

Image: Time Without End

Time Without End

Valerie Snobeck
Fluentum, Berlin, Germany
15 September – 11 December, 2021

Time Without End presents video works, multimedia installations, and site-specific pieces that are dedicated to the textures of time, history, and narrative, asking how time-based media generates memories. The exhibition features Valerie Snobeck’s video Go Soft, 2014. 

Image: Esto No Me Pertenece

Esto No Me Pertenece

Dexter Dalwood
Museo Nacional de Arte, Mexico City
23 September 2021 - 30 January 2022

In a new series inspired by Mexico, Dalwood unites observations from his time spent in the country (whilst on a residency at Casa Wabi, Oaxaca, in late 2017) with his personal brand of ‘contemporary history painting’, which weaves together visual quotations to express a space or a place that is more an abstracted mental image than a representation of the real. 

Image: DEINE KUNST (5): Mensch, der / Körper, der, die, das

DEINE KUNST (5): Mensch, der / Körper, der, die, das

João Penalva
Städtische Galerie Wolfsburg, Wolfsburg, Germany
17 July 2021 – 19 January 2022

Michael Müller is devoting himself to one topic for the first time. “Mensch, der / Körper, der die, das” illuminates various facets of physicality and our feeling for the body - a highly virulent question in times of genetic reproductions and operative optimization of the body, which leads to interesting insights.

Image: You’ll Find Your Peace with Me

You’ll Find Your Peace with Me

João Penalva
Mudam Collection Online Screening Programme
12 July - 19 September 2021

You’ll Find Your Peace with Me is a screening programme of videos from the Mudam collection, organised to accompany Enfin seules. Photographs from the Archive of Modern ConflictAn atmosphere of anxiety towards the natural world is cultivated by João Penalva in Kitsune (2000), which depicts fog clearing across a desolate landscape as two men trade disquieting stories about a shapeshifting fox spirit. 

Image: No Thing is Waiting

No Thing is Waiting

Valerie Snobeck
Zabludowicz Collection, 176 Prince of Wales Road, London NW5 3PT
8 July - 15 August 2021

In No Thing is Waiting there are no clocks. The visitor is encouraged to consider time outside of minutes and hours, and instead in relation to object(ive) experiences. The past year has fundamentally changed how we perceive time, becoming ever more quantified by 40-minute video calls, 5pm press conferences and beer garden booking systems. But this is just our perspective. Bringing together 17 multi-generational artists, No Thing is Waiting proposes our experience of time could be reconstructed through engaging with artworks that embody processes and continuation. The exhibition aims to disrupt our habitual perception of time by rewinding bodily rhythms through the use of colour, shifting daylight, changeable sonic tempos and multiple viewpoints. Here, time is stretched, contracted, and relative.

Image: Cangiante – Based on the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Collection

Cangiante – Based on the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Collection

João Penalva
Centro de Arqueologia e Artes de Beja (CAAB), Beja, Portugal
3 July- 6 November 2021

The exhibition Cangiante – Based on the Caixa Geral de Depósitos Collection, curated by Antonia Gaeta, brings these elements together and promotes a dialogue between the various works, techniques and materials of the artists represented in the Collection. The exhibition’s curatorship is an open one and permeable to the work of the guest artists Ana Manso and Dayana Lucas about something that already exists, but which now has the possibility of being different.

Image: Wire Frame: A virtual exhibition curated by Mika Tajima

Wire Frame: A virtual exhibition curated by Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima
Online at Hill Art Foundation
On view through 15 July 2021

The Foundation’s virtual exhibition series invites artists and curators to select 10–15 works from The Hill Collection that activate each other in new and unexpected ways. Without the usual obstacles of installation, these exhibitions give us the opportunity to see the collection in a new light.

Image: Sarah Staton: SupaStore Southside, Slingbacks & Sunshine

Sarah Staton: SupaStore Southside, Slingbacks & Sunshine

Merlin Carpenter
South London Gallery Fire Station
9 July– 5 September 2021

Sarah Staton’s SupaStore is a trading platform for artists and ideas. Works by emerging and well-known artists are presented in the SupaStore series – an ever-changing display that has been hosted intermittently by public and private galleries, museums, and independent art spaces across the world.

Image: The Axis of the World

The Axis of the World

Claudio Parmiggiani
Houghton Hall, Norfolk, UK

Simon Lee Gallery is proud to announce The Axis of the World, a permanent installation at Houghton Hall by Italian artist Claudio Parmiggiani. 

The Axis of the World is a column made from Ombra di Caravaggio marble, anchored in the garden of the 18th century Palladian house. This seemingly infinite pillar penetrates the Earth, piercing its core, while simultaneously climbing over 16 metres in height to touch the sky, caressing the sun and the clouds during the day and embracing the moon and the stars at night. It represents an eternal column that connects the World and the Cosmos, Earth and Heaven; in the artist’s words, ‘A twisting tower, a work that raises high, that aspires to great heights, spinning around itself in its ascent without end’.

Image: London Calling. British art today. From David Hockney to Idris Khan.

London Calling. British art today. From David Hockney to Idris Khan.

Rachel Howard
Fundación Bancaja, Valencia, Spain
17 June 2021 - 17 October 2021

The London Calling exhibition  British art today. From David Hockney to Idris Khan  brings together the recent work of some twenty British artists of different generations for whom the city of London has played a very important role in their artistic careers.

Image: Donna Huddleston, Dorota Jurczak

Donna Huddleston, Dorota Jurczak

Donna Huddleston
Provinz Showroom Schmechtingstr. 38, 44809 Bochum
26 June - 23 July 2021

With new editions by Donna Huddleston (b. 1970, Belfast, lives in London) and Dorota Jurczak (b. 1978, Warsaw, lives in Brussels), Province are introducing two artists whose works often seem to exceed boundaries, adding theatrical, literary and cinematic aspects to their art, for example.

Image: In the Castle Of My Skin

In the Castle Of My Skin

Sonia Boyce
Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough, UK
11 June - 10 October 2021

This summer MIMA celebrate one of Britain’s foremost artists, Sonia Boyce, through a sensory exhibition made through play and improvisation. A large sculpture by Boyce, based on the shape of Fool’s Gold, threads through the exhibition, interacting with artworks by 12 contemporary artists and selected pieces from MIMA’s Middlesbrough Collection.

Image: Choreography of Attention

Choreography of Attention

João Penalva
Museu de Almada - Casa da Cidade, Almada, Portugal
15 June – 2 October 2021

How did we think about this 'Choreography of Attention'? How did we create a collective voice, from each other's perspectives? What ideas, negotiations and choices were made? In this guided tour, we will share the process of this collaborative curatorship project and introduce multiple ways of looking at the set of contemporary works of art that make up this exhibition.

Image: Simon Lee and Andrew Renton on the work of Werner Büttner

Simon Lee and Andrew Renton on the work of Werner Büttner

Werner Büttner
Tuesday 8 June, 4pm BST / 11am EDT

Please join us for an exclusive conversation between Simon Lee and Andrew Renton on the work of Werner Büttner and view a selection of paintings by the artist on Tuesday 8th June at 4pm BST / 11am EDT on

Image: Announcing representation of Mika Tajima

Announcing representation of Mika Tajima

Mika Tajima

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of New York-based conceptual artist Mika Tajima further to her recent exhibition in the London gallery.

Image: La Verità by Michelangelo Pistoletto. From the Mirror to the Third Paradise .

La Verità by Michelangelo Pistoletto. From the Mirror to the Third Paradise .

Michelangelo Pistoletto
Museo Comunale d'Arte Moderna, Switzerland
30 May - 26 September 2021

The anthological exhibition at the Municipal Museum of Modern Art presents over 40 works, including paintings, mirror paintings , installations and rare archive images, from 1958 to 2021 . This is the artist 's most comprehensive solo exhibition ever made in Switzerland , with the significant title La Verità by Michelangelo Pistoletto. From the Mirror to the Third Paradise .

Image: Announcing representation of Sonia Boyce

Announcing representation of Sonia Boyce

Sonia Boyce

Simon Lee Gallery is pleased to announce its representation of British Afro-Caribbean artist Sonia Boyce OBE RA. Boyce has been commissioned by the British Council to represent Britain with a major new exhibition at the 59th International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia 2022. Simon Lee Gallery’s inaugural exhibition with the artist will take place in London in Autumn 2022. Boyce is also represented by Apalazzogallery, Brescia, Italy.

Image: London Gallery Weekend

London Gallery Weekend

Simon Lee Gallery, London
4 - 6 June 2021

Simon Lee Gallery is delighted to be participating in the inaugural edition of London Gallery Weekend, a collaboration between galleries across the city, held over the weekend of 4 - 6 June 2021. Alongside Werner Büttner’s ongoing exhibition No Scene from My Studio, the gallery presents Oh Adelaide, 2010, a video work by Sonia Boyce and sound artist Ain Bailey, which incorporates found film footage of the late jazz singer and entertainer, Adelaide Hall.

The gallery will be open for London Gallery Weekend as follows:
Friday: 9:30am - 8pm | Saturday: 10am - 6pm | Sunday: 11am - 5pm

Image: Moriyama – Tomatsu: Tokyo

Moriyama – Tomatsu: Tokyo

Daido Moriyama
Maison Européenne de la Photographie, Paris, France
19 May - 24 October 2021

The MEP is pleased to present a major exhibition bringing together two great masters of post-war Japanese photography.

The Moriyama - Tomatsu: Tokyo exhibition was conceived by artists Daido Moriyama and Shomei Tomatsu - before the latter's death in 2012 - as a way to celebrate their city around a first artistic collaboration.

Image: France-Lise McGurn: Aloud

France-Lise McGurn: Aloud

France-Lise McGurn
Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum, Glasgow, Scotland
11 June 2021 - 1 June 2022

France-Lise McGurn’s newly commissioned installation draws on her personal experiences of Kelvingrove Art Gallery and Museum; the hours she spent there as a child and then later as an adult, inhabiting but also observing. In particular, Albert Moore’s well-loved painting, Reading Aloud (1884), has provided a point of departure for McGurn: especially the very specific positioning and postures of the models, its textures and ambiguous lack of urgency or context.

Image: Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig

Heimo Zobernig
mumok - Museum moderner Kunst Stiftung Ludwig Wien, Vienna, Austria
19 June - 17 October 2021

Painting, along with sculpture, film, performance, and design, is a central component of the intermedia art of Heimo Zobernig. Since the beginning of his artistic practice in the early 1980s, the artist has built up a comprehensive painterly oeuvre, always based on his attempt to explore color like a “scientist.” Thus, in Zobernig’s work, painting has become a machine for the creation of insight. Characteristics of the artist’s method in this context are strategies of simplification, standardization, and systematization using predefined rules and the artistic appropriation of industrial norms and widespread samples (such as TV test patterns).