Eternal Youth

Larry Clark
Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago, Chicago, IL
11 March - 23 July 2017

This group exhibition explores the different ways in which artists have represented the concept of youth since the twentieth century. The exhibition includes photographs from Larry Clark's Kids series and Larry Clark's film Kids, which was first released in 1995.

For more information please visit the Museum of Contemporary Art Chicago website.


Mel Bochner
The British Museum, London, UK
19 March – 18 June 2017

This exhibition presents the museum’s outstanding collection of modern and contemporary American prints for the first time, including work by Mel Bochner, and traces the creative momentum and history of printmaking in the United States.

For more information please visit The British Museum website.

Dexter Dalwood Talk

Landmark, Bergen, Norway
14 March 2017, 7PM

Dexter Dalwood is giving a talk as a part of Plattform, a programme presented by Bergen Kunsthall consisting on presentations and debates involving artists and curators. The talk is organized in cooperation with the Faculty of art, music and design of University of Bergen.

For more information please visit the Bergen Kunsthall website.

Quote/Unquote — Between Appropriation and Dialogue

João Penalva
Galeria Municipal do Porto, Porto, Portugal
11 March - 14 May 2017

This exhibition presents a selection of works from the 1960s to the present from the EDP Foundation’s Art Collection. The exhibition investigates the subject of appropriation in contemporary art and it is structured around three sub-themes: Archive and Everyday Life, Space and Politics and Image and Narrative. Including work by João Penalva.

For more information please visit the Museum of Art, Architecture and Technology website.

In The Abstract

Eric N Mack
Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art, North Adams, MA
6 May 2017 - March 2018

This group exhibition presents works that merge the formal gestures and historical associations of abstract painting with recognizable imagery and everyday objects to highlight the social and political realities of today. The exhibition includes the work of Eric N Mack.

For more information please visit the Massachusetts Museum of Contemporary Art website.

BALTIC Artists’ Award 2017

Eric N. Mack
BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Gateshead, UK
30 June – 1 October 2017

The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art has announced the four recipients of the BALTIC Artists’ Award 2017. The award is judged by four contemporary artists, who each select an emerging artist whose work they believe in. Lorna Simpson has selected Eric N Mack, Monica Bonvicini has selected Toni Schmale, Pedro Cabrita Reis has selected Jose Dávila and Mike Nelson has selected Shen Xin. Each artist recipient of the award will present an exhibition at the The BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art.

For more information please visit the BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art website.

Jim Shaw: The Wig Museum

Marciano Art Foundation, Los Angeles, CA
25 May 2017

For the inauguration of the new Marciano Art Foundation, Jim Shaw will present a major solo exhibition of old, new works and site specific pieces, covering one floor of the building. Titled The Wig Museum, it will be the artist’s first solo exhibition on the West Coast of America, and will be displayed alongside a curated exhibition of works from the permanent collection.

All Day Breakfast

Merlin Carpenter
Munchees, Reading, UK
18 February - 13 May 2017

For this year’s Reading: International, artists Alistair Mackinven and Matt Copson have curated ‘Eggy and Seedy’, a series of projects, public lectures and performances. All Day Breakfast is an exhibition of works on paper by 32 artists and is on display at Munchee’s cafe, Reading. It includes a work by Merlin Carpenter.

For more information please visit the Reading International website.

Matias Faldbakken - The Image Is A Screen That Hides What It Means

Le Mur Saint-Bon, Paris, France
24 February - 22 April 2017

Le Mur Saint-Bon is an off-site exhibition space in Paris, run by Le Consortium, Dijon, who invite artists to produce a work on the 'Wall' of the gallery, which is then exhibited for 70 days. For the 4th edition of the Wall, Matias Faldbakken has made a new site-specific work.

For more information please visit the Le Mur Saint-Bon website.


Auditório Biblioteca Municipal Almeida Garrett, Porto, Portugal
25 March 2017, 9.30 - 11.30pm

Film Panic Presents! is a monthly showcase of contemporary underground and experimental films organized by Film Panic (Daniel Fawcett & Clara Pais) in association with Shortcutz Porto. This session presents six films by Susu Laroche and six films by Marnie Weber, dating between 2000 and 2009.  

For more information please visit The Underground Film Studio website.

Poïpoï: A Private Collection in Monaco

Jim Shaw
Nouveau Musée National de Monaco - Villa Sauber, Monaco
24 February - 30 April 2017

This group exhibition presents works from a private collection in Monaco, and includes the work of Jim Shaw.

For more information please visit the Nouveau Musée National de Monaco website.

After Image

Toby Ziegler
Cassina Projects, New York, NY
28 February - 15 April 2017

The exhibition presents new works by Toby Ziegler and Paul Kneale, which move between the physical and the digital, challenging the reading of a transmitted image’s symbolic detritus and disrupting the basic reality claims of reproductive technology.

For more information please visit the Cassina Projects website.

The Gap between the Fridge and the Cooker

Hans-Peter Feldmann
The Modern Institute, Glasgow, Scotland
27 January - 11 March 2017

The exhibition addresses the concept of the domestic and the familiar and brings together 50 works by 22 artists, including a work by Hans-Peter Feldmann.

For more information please visit the The Modern Institute website.


Mai-Thu Perret
MAMCO, Geneva, Switzerland
22 February – 7 May 2017

Based on the observation that there is a renewed interest in figurative and expressive practices, this exhibition outlines a genealogy of these practices through forty European and American artists who have been active between the 1960s and today. 

For more information please visit the MAMCO website.

Garth Weiser: Paintings, 2008–2017

The Contemporary Austin, Austin, TX
2 April - 27 August 2017

Garth Weiser's first solo museum survey will include more than twenty large-scale paintings. A catalogue will be published to accompany the exhibition.

For more information please visit The Contemporary Austin website.

Blue Black

eric n mack
PULITZER ARTS Foundation, St. Louis, MO
9 June - 7 October 2017

The exhibition, curated by Glenn Ligon, is inspired by Ellsworth Kelly's wall sculpture, Blue Black (2000), and expands Kelly’s exploration of the two colors touching upon notions of language, identity, and memory. It features more than forty works of different artists, including Eric N Mack.

For more information please visit the Pulitzer Arts website.

Hans-Peter Feldmann: Art Exhibition

Norwich University of the Arts (East Gallery), Norwich, UK
5 May - 22 July 2017

An exhibition curated by Neil Powell of paintings, works on paper, photographs and sculptures by Hans-Peter Feldmann. The selection of works echoes the nature of the space and mirrors the interventionist approach of the artist to image and object making.

For more information please visit the Norwich University of the Arts webpage.


João Penalva
Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide, SA
4 March - 2 July 2017

The exhibition brings together key pieces by Auguste Rodin with a selection of works by modern and contemporary artists who have challenged our understanding of the human condition. The exhibition will include a print by João Penalva from a series of 32 still frames from his film The Prize Song.

For more information please visit the Art Gallery of South Australia website.

A Slow Succession with Many Interruptions

Paulina Olowska
San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, San Francisco, CA
10 December 2016 - 2 April 2017

The exhibition reflects on the ways that artists have responded to the evolving conditions of the twenty-first century. Composed of works from the museum’s collection made since 2000, including a painting by Paulina Olowska, the exhibition explores the prevailing correlations between the personal, the intimate, and the individual.

For more information please visit the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art website.


The Wright Restaurant
Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, New York, NY
From 29 January 2017

A new installation by Sarah Crowner will open at The Wright restaurant, located in Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum, on 29 January. Commissioned specifically for The Wright by the Guggenheim, the project consists of four works that will enter the museum’s permanent collection.

For more information please visit the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum website.


Larry Clark
D Museum, Seoul, Korea
9 February – 28 May 2017

A group exhibition featuring over 20 artists, Youth explores the evolution of the various youth cultures of our time, and offers a revealing moment into the private world of our young.

For more information please visit the Daelim Museum website.

Electricity: The spark of life

João Penalva
Wellcome Collection, London, UK
23 February - 25 June 2017

Presented in collaboration with Wellcome Collection, London, the Museum of Science and Industry, Manchester, and the Teylers Museum, Haarlem, this exhibition traces the story of how mankind has striven to understand the power of electricity, and includes work by João Penalva.

For more information please visit the Wellcome Collection website.


Wherever the wind carries

João Penalva & Jim Shaw
Malmö Art Academy, Lund University, Lund, Sweden
20 May - 17 September 2017

A group exhibition organized on the occasion of the 350th anniversary of Malmö Art Academy and including work by Jim Shaw and João Penalva.

For more information please visit the Lundskonsthall website.

The Painting Show

Merlin Carpenter & Dexter Dalwood
Limerick City Gallery of Art, Limerick, Ireland
9 February - 16 April 2017

This exhibition will feature a selection of works by British artists from The Arts Council Collection and travels from Contemporary Art Centre (CAC) in Lithuania

For more information please visit the Limerick City Gallery of Art website.

A Certain Kind of Light - Light In Art Over Six Decades

Angela Bulloch & Toby Ziegler
The Towner Art Gallery, Eastbourne, UK
21 January - 7 May 2017

A Certain Kind of Light explores how artists have responded to light, its materiality, transience and effect. The exhibition features artworks from the Arts Council Collection created from the 1960s to the present day by almost thirty artists and it includes a sculpture by Angela Bulloch and a painting by Toby Ziegler.

For more information please visit The Towner Art Gallery website.

George Condo: The Way I Think, 1966–2016

The Phillips Collection, Washington, DC
11 March - 25 June 2017

The Phillips Collection presents a survey of approximately 200 drawings, sketches and paintings by George Condo.

For more information please visit the The Phillips Collection website.

I Want! I Want! – Art and Technology

Toby Ziegler
Gas Hall, Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery, Birmingham, UK
1 April - 1 October 2017

A curated selection from the Arts Council Collection and other renowned Collections of over 20 artists, including Toby Ziegler. The exhibition's title is inspired by William Blake's work I Want! I Want!, which depicts a man aspiring to travel to the moon two hundred years ago.

For more information please visit the Birmingham Museum and Art Gallery website.


18 FEBRUARY – 18 JUNE 2017

In his first solo museum exhibition, Eric N Mack presents new works that abut, but do not resolve, resplendent forms with improbable functions.  

For more information please visit Albright-Knox Art Gallery website.


Marnie Weber
The Laband Art Gallery, Loyola Marymount University, Los Angeles, CA
21 January - 19 March 2017

The group exhibition borrows its title from the ancient Greek term that describes beings who guide us from one place to another, from the unconscious to the conscious, from life to death. Including Marnie Weber's video work The Night of Forevermore (2012).

For more information please visit the Loyola Marymount University website.

Fragmentos a su imán

Dexter Dalwood
Galería Horrach Moya, Palma de Mallorca, Spain
9 December 2016 - 9 March 2017

This group exhibition, curated by Helena Juncosa, examines contemporary figurative painting through the work of five contemporary artists and it includes two paintings by Dexter Dalwood.

For more information please visit Galería Horrach Moya's website.

Progressive Praxis

Jeff Elrod, Alex Hubbard, David Ostrowski, Christopher Wool
de la Cruz Collection, Miami, FL
29 November 2016 - November 2017

Progressive Praxis considers the impact of preceding art movements and the way contemporary artists conceptually engage with the advancements of technology and the language of their generation. The exhibition features the work of several artists including Jeff Elrod, Alex Hubbard, David Ostrowski and Christopher Wool.

For more information please visit the de la Cruz Collection website.

Portugal em Flagrante – Operação 2

João Penalva
Museu Calouste Gulbenkian, Lisbon, Portugal
18 November 2016 – 31 July 2017

The second part of a semi-permanent collection display in three stages, Operação 2 consists of paintings and follows Operação 1, an exhibition of works on paper which opened in July 2016, and precedes Operação 3, an exhibition of sculpture and installation which will open in March 2017. Including work by João Penalva.

For more information please visit the Museu Calouste Gulbenkian website.

Gary Simmons: Ghost Reels

7 OCTOBER 2016 - 6 OCTOBER 2017

As part of its on-going stairwell project, The Drawing Center has commissioned Gary Simmons to create a site-specific wall drawing in the lobby stairwell. For this project,  Simmons has created a text-based work consisting of names of African American actors and actresses from the early days of silent film. The artist describes the installation, whose format recalls the scrolling of closing film credits frozen in mid-motion, as invoking “the memories of actors that have been blurred in the history of Hollywood film . . . a kind of silence in both voice and visibility.”

For more information please visit The Drawing Center website.

New Beginnings: Between Gesture and Geometry

Yun Hyong-Keun
The George Economou Collection Space, Athens, Greece
13 October 2016 - 9 April 2017

This group exhibition brings together work by artists who emerged after World War II. Looking beyond the canonical Paris–New York axis, the show focuses on artists in Europe and Asia whose innovations were the result of exchanges that transcended national borders.

For more information please visit the George Economou Collection website.

Construction - Reflection, Works from the Collection Gertraud & Dieter Bogner at Mumok

Heimo Zobernig
Mumok, Vienna, Austria
25 November 2016 - 17 April 2017

This exhibition presents a selection of works from the Gertraud and Dieter Bogner collection, which explore the interplays between form and content. Including work by Heimo Zobernig.

For more information please visit the Mumok website.                                                                                                                                                                        

Franz West - Artistclub

Michelangelo Pistoletto & Heimo Zobernig
21er Haus, Vienna, Austria
14 December 2016 - 23 April 2017

Curated by Harald Krejci, this exhibition features the oeuvre of Franz West with a main focus on works made in collaboration with other artists, including Michelangelo Pistoletto and Heimo Zobernig.

For more information please visit the 21er Haus website.


angela bulloch

Angela Bulloch is one of five artists commissioned to create a permanent installation for the new Cancer Centre at Guy’s Hospital. The commissions represent a £1.7m Arts Programme, curated and delivered by Futurecity, and funded by Guy's and St Thomas' Charity for Guy’s and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust.

For more information please visit Futurecity's website.

my abstract world

Bernard Frize, David Ostrowski, Toby Ziegler and Heimo Zobernig
Me Collectors Room Berlin / Olbricht Foundation, Berlin, Germany
14 September 2016 - 02 April 2017

This exhibition presents a selection of works drawn from the Thomas Olbricht collection, which focuses in abstract art and includes more than 350 works from ninety different artists.

For more information please visit the Museums Portal Berlin website.

schiff ahoy

heimo zobernig &christopher wool
museum brandhorst, München, Germany
9 june 2016 - 23 april 2017

This exhibition presents works by different artists acquired by the museum in the past two years along with works of minimal and post-minimal art, Arte Povera, and conceptual art. Schiff Ahoy highlights the continued relevance that art from the 1960s and early 1970s holds for contemporary artists working today.

For more information please visit the Museum Brandhorst website.

george condo: confrontation

Museum Berggruen, Berlin, Germany
19 November 2016 – 12 March 2017

Paintings, drawings, collages and sculptures, owned by the artist from the 1980s to present, will be presented for the first time in dialogue with a selection of works by iconic figures of modern art from the museum's collection.

For more information please visit Museum Berggruen's website.


10 JUNE 2016 - 27 MARCH 2017

Through a selection of 150 works, this major travelling exhibition pays homage to the collection of Thea Westreich and Ethan Wagner. The exhibition at the Centre Pompidou includes the works of over thirty-five artists.

For more information please visit the Centre Pompidou website.

DIVA TV Screening and talk with Gregg Bordowitz, Jean Carlomusto and Nick Faust

Simon Lee Gallery, New York, NY
18 March 2017, 4PM

Coinciding with ACT UP’s 30th anniversary, Simon Lee Gallery presents a screening of work by DIVA TV followed by a panel discussion featuring Gregg Bordowitz and Jean Carlomusto, moderated by Nick Faust. DIVA TV (Damn Interfering Video Activist Television) was a lesbian video activist collective founded in New York City in 1989. It was an affinity group with ACT UP (AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power) and worked to preserve ACT UP's demonstrations, civil disobedience actions and crowd reactions.

Please note this event is free to the public, but booking is advised: / +1 (646) 678 5654.