Heimo Zobernig

Untitled, 2011

Heimo Zobernig’s work is structured as an examination and an expansion of two of the central tropes of twentieth century painting: the grid and the monochrome. His riffs on these themes spill out from his paintings – often classically modernist themselves in their square 100 x 100 or 150 x 150 cm formats - into sculptures, videos and room installations. Zobernig fundamentally subverts the high modernist ideal of the monochrome, compromising its aesthetic purity with the introduction of the decorative (Swarovski crystals on a white ground) the functional (the choma-key blue used in video editing) or the lightly comic. Part of Zobernig’s studies were in set design and elements of mise-en-scène run through his work and inform the way in which he installs and exhibits it. He often uses fabric curtains or light to create monochromatic environments within which his works are installed. His sculptures, often minimal, playful or inquisitive, expand this monochrome field.